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Salary Survey

A salary survey, although an accumulation of statistics gathered from many sources, is still only a modest starting point in deciphering your real worth to the industry and to a particular firm. Each individual firm has its own metrics by which it establishes the salary structure. Also, very importantly, how is your personal contribution valued for the bottom line. Your annual review is really the largest factor. You can do your own survey by asking questions of outside people and even interviewing other firms… Learn More

Apply Online

If ever you feel you are in a position to test the marketplace or need to find more suitable employment, fill out our online application for a confidential conversation with one of our very educated executive search consultants. Sending your resume along with the application will greatly assist in our understanding of your experiences. Then we can follow up with a more in depth conversation. The average number of years’ experience of our recruiters is over 22 years. We know the marketplace, the client firms and the key players within those organizations… Learn More

Areas of Expertise

Having over 30 years of experience in and around our industry has does give us the ability to call ourselves experts. While our foundation has always been built around the Actuarial marketplace, we do expand that knowledge into Benefits Administration, Health and Welfare Consulting, Risk Management, and other facets of Insurance… Learn More