4 Reasons why you should consider an Actuary Recruiter

1) Recruiters have large Network of Contacts that can supplement your own personal network. Recruiters longstanding relationship with their partner organizations provides valuable insights like hiring process, specific hiring contacts, and company culture. A great resume can still get lost in the screening process. A recruiter can get your information the visibility it needs.

2) Recruiters are frequently aware of unadvertised openings via their well established relationships.

3) Recruiters save you time and effort. Engaging in a job hunt can be extremely time consuming. Recruiters cut the process by separating out opportunities that don’t match for reasons outside posted listing. Recruiters establishing a relationship with you help them understand which jobs to connect you with, and which jobs might be a great fit culture wise, career wise, and compensation wise.

4) Recruiters are like having your own agent, but with no downside. Many companies frequently have budget separate from your compensation to work with recruiters. Companies understand the savings recruiters bring to the process. Recruiters also have a vested interest in making sure you are a fit for the position they are matching you too. You getting a great placement benefits you, the company and the recruiter. Everyone wins.

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