4 Things Recruiters do to help an Actuary

Career change can be a stressful experience. There are many personal factors involved that go beyond the professional research and interview preparation. A specialized actuarial recruiter’s industry knowledge, connections, and overall interview experience can mitigate most of the stressors a job search entails.

  1. Your resume is important. A descriptive resume assists your recruiter to secure an interview with your ideal company. A recruiter’s working knowledge of their employer network is an invaluable resource allowing them to provide resume recommendations tailored to openings without exaggerating skills or experiences.
  2. Many actuarial employers look for candidates who have technical skills and relevant work experience using these skills. Understanding of multiple software’s will improve your desirability to employers. Ideally you will have expertise with at least one of VBA/Excel, Python, SAS, or SQL.  Frequently, a recruiter is aware when an employer will be willing to accept alternative experience than what is listed in a public job description.
  3. Employers look for communication skills in actuarial candidates. Actuaries tend to over use industry jargon when speaking. This is challenging for non-actuaries within and without the organization. You will have a huge competitive advantage over other candidates if you have strong communication and presentation skills. A recruiter can be an outstanding communication resource preparing you for the interview.
  4. Beyond your technical and communication skills, interviewers are trying to determine how you may fit within the existing team. Being your authentic self during an interview is a very important consideration. Recruiters are an invaluable resource by preparing an actuary about culture, company, and the process. Recruiters frequently know the ins and outs of company specific questions. Nothing calms nerves like preparation and the knowledge that you have as an “insider”.

Your Next Big Opportunity Is in Reach

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