Actuarial Staffing Consultants

S.C. International, LTD Actuarial Staffing Consultants

A great staffing consultant can guide an actuary with their career growth in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of working with a professional actuary recruiter like S.C. International, LTD:

1. We can help you find the best opportunities that match your skills, interests, and goals.
S.C. International has direct access to a wide network of employers and we can inform you of any open or potential positions that suit your profile. See for some of our potential opportunities.

2. S.C. International can provide you with valuable advice and guide you throughout the hiring process. We can help you with your resume, provide interview preparation, assist with salary negotiation, and provide guidance with issues that may arise during the transition. Learn more about us

3. Our trained staffing consultants can offer you career-counseling and support. We help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and explore different career paths. We provide and plan for your professional development.

4. S.C. International can handle the logistics and communication with potential companies. Our recruiters save you time and energy allowing you to focus on your current work and personal life.

S.C. International is a reputable and reliable actuarial recruiter that can help you find your next opportunity, earn what you are worth, and plan your career path. If you are interested in working with us, you can fill out our online application form or contact us directly at (630) 963-3033 or You can also visit us at to learn more about our current job listings or for our areas of expertise, salary survey results.

S.C. International is looking forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your career goals!