Actuaries and Your Bottom Line

Actuaries not only guide large organizational risks but they also are indispensable to your financial well-being. They develop models to analyze and manage risk. They can contribute value to your retirement portfolio in various ways, such as:

Valuing your pension: Pension Actuarial Analyst help you estimate the value of your future pension payments. They do this based on life expectancy, interest rates, and other factors. This can help you plan your retirement income and decide if a lump sum or an annuity option makes the most sense for you.

Designing your retirement income strategy(1) : Actuaries can help you choose the best way to generate income from your retirement savings, based on your goals, risk tolerance, and expected longevity. They can compare different strategies, such as guaranteed outcome, total return, interest only, time segmentation, and combination approach, and advise you on the optimal mix of assets and products. See our jobs for a position in this field.

Optimizing your Social Security benefits(2) : Actuaries can help you determine the best age to claim your Social Security benefits, based on a variety of factors such as health history and marital status for example They can help coordinate benefits with your spouse, and review strategies to maximize lifetime benefits.

Managing your longevity risk: Actuaries can help you protect yourself from outliving your retirement savings, by using tools such as annuities, life insurance, and long-term care insurance. They can help you assess your longevity risk, and recommend the appropriate type and amount of coverage for your needs.

Adjusting your retirement plan: Actuaries can help you monitor and update your retirement plan. Changes in your life circumstances like market conditions, and tax laws should require a review of your savings plan. Actuaries can help you adjust your spending, saving, and investing habits, and advise you on how to deal with unexpected events, such as inflation, market crashes, or health issues

These are some of the ways that actuaries can contribute value to your retirement portfolio.

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