Actuary and Sports

Sabermetrics made statistics cool.  Back in the late 80s and early 90s an Actuary I know wanted to talk about Sabermetrics and Sports analytics. He was passionate about it. We ran Fantasy Baseball leagues with Excel Macros, manually importing raw data weekly and crunching numbers. We spent a summer discussing why Ken Phelps was historically underrated.  If he was so passionate about sports, why is he an actuary today?

How are they similar?

Sabermetrics (Sports analytics) is the process of using data to measure and evaluate players, strategies, and a team’s potential. It’s a given today; Sports analytics can help teams gain a competitive edge. We know Actuary’s use data to assess and manage risk in the insurance industry. They also design and evaluate policies, products, or systems.

Sports analysts and Actuary’s require strong skills in data collection, analysis, and interpretation. They also require knowledge of statistical methods, mathematical models, and computer programs. Both fields rely on evidence-based reasoning and logical thinking to draw conclusions and make recommendations.

How are they different?

Sports analyst differ in their level of uncertainty and complexity. Sports analytics often deals with dynamic and unpredictable situations, such as injuries, weather, or human behavior creating a lot more uncertainty in their predictive models.

Actuary’s often deal with more stable and predictable situations, such as mortality rates, interest rates, or claims frequency.

Let’s talk opportunity

According to ZipRecruiter there were only 20 sports actuary/analyst jobs posted on their website in 2021.  There are magnitudes more Actuarial positions available every year. There is plenty of supporting data available that show actuary’s make more. Too maximize your Actuarial opportunities, SC International is here to help.

At the end of the day, there are more opportunities for Actuaries, Actuary’s make more on average, and outstanding people like SC International to help you secure that position.

Bringing it back to our friend, he became an Actuary because opportunity. What about his passion? Today he talks endlessly and passionately about Insurance Risk, rarely sports. For him, it turns out his passion is taking raw data and using it to make predictions.

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