American Academy of Actuaries

The American Academy of Actuariesrepresent all acturial disciplines. With almost 20,000 members we advocate for sound public policies and high professional standards.

Some American Academy of Actuaries member benefits include:

  • Satisfy legal or regulatory requirements that may be applicable
  • Participate in public policy development
  • Access to professional knowledge with other areas of practice
  • Current relevant news in all actuarial practice areas through Academy publications including social media and other alerts
  • Free and low-cost continuing education programs to obtain essential continuing education credits
  • Free access to library of professionalism webinars and presentations
  • Access Medicare RDS program with MAA
  • Professional Peer Networking opportunities
  • Committees or other work groups opportunities including leadership roles
  • Public Service and recognition
  • Recognition for Academy contributions

For more information visit the American Academy of Actuaries or speak with one of our professionals.