S.C. International’s Business Acquisition unit assists the owners of Actuarial Consulting Firms and Third Party Administrators in their succession planning though selling, or acquisition.


Actuarial Consulting and Third Party Administration

We are traditionally referred to as Business Brokerage. There are quite a few business brokers out there that handle everything from restaurants to bakeries. What makes us different and unique is that the only area we cover is Actuarial Consulting and Third Party Administration. Most business brokers have no understanding of the nuances of these areas. We at S.C. International, Ltd know exactly where to go to get the best value for your organization. In terms of our sweet spot, the companies we assist are generally in the range of $250,000 through $10,000,000 in annual revenue. There are times we have been involved in small books of business as small as $80,000 worth of revenue, for a semi-retired actuary.

Primary Client's Business Lines

  • Taft-Hartley Actuarial Consulting firms.
  • TPAs Both Pension and Health Claims.
  • Public Sector Actuarial Consulting firms.
  • Mid-size Single Employer corporate Actuarial consulting.
  • Small Plan Actuaries and TPAs.
(the Doctor/Lawyer Tax advantaged actuaries)
Please contact us to discuss current potential opportunities already in discussions.

The Process

Seller Driven

This is the traditional role that business brokers have worked over the years. Our client is the Seller. Our main role is to secure appropriate buyers for the operation. This is the best solution when an owner is actively looking to sell.

Buyer Driven

This turns the process on its head. We are working for the Buyer who is looking at aggressively growing their company through acquisition. We go out and research potential targets for acquisition where it would make good business sense for that company to sell for strategic purposes. Why does this process work? Growing a consulting business through traditional means is highly challenging. Quite often you are waiting around for the competitor to drop the ball, creating a weakness for you to get in for an RFP. Corporate clients can be extremely loyal to their actuaries and third party administrators, especially, in niche areas such as Public Sector or Taft-Hartley consulting. When you acquire a consulting firm or TPA, you are actually acquiring the relationships of the owner. We are looking at the selling owner staying on board long enough for an orderly transition of these relationships.

Hiring Initially

A third option may be to secure as an employee the next generation of owners to work into an equity role and carry the company forward. This has always been part of our traditional executive search process.


In all cases our contracts and fees are contingent and non-exclusive. We receive no fee unless we are the referring party bringing buyer and seller together.


Confidentiality is of key importance. We understand this. You do not want word leaking out to your competitors that you are considering selling which could cost the loss of clients to these competitors. This makes it difficult for you to conduct your own sale. The advantage we have is that we can speak with quite a number of companies and no one will know who our client is until we have the right match lined up.

You may also have a limited regional coverage in terms of whom you know. We are actively working with West Coast companies moving East and East Coast companies moving west. There are quite a number of regional operations that are looking at growing and expanding into new locations, or opening new locations closer to their existing clients.

If you have questions on this topic, we would be interested in hearing from you. As with most owners being concerned about having these conversations during working hours with employees around, we can make arrangements for off-hours conversations.Jerry Krecek
Acquisitions Manager and Recruiting Consultant