Catastrophe Modeler

Catastrophe Modeler

A Catastrophe Modeler or Cat Modeler is a specialist who uses statistical and analytical techniques to predict the financial impact of catastrophic events like tornados, floods, or hurricanes on insurance and reinsurance companies.

Role of a CAT Modeler

CAT Modelers role in the industry include the following:

  • Assessing Risk: They collect and analyze catastrophe data.
  • Modeling Catastrophes: Utilize their coding skills they model the probability distributions of potential losses.
  • Data Analysis: Catastrophe Modeler also prepare and analyze data for portfolio management.

Career Prospects

The demand for CAT Modelers is high due to the increasing need for sophisticated risk assessment methods more so now given the clear risks posed by climate change. Positions are available across all sectors, private, government, and consulting, and advocacy organization.

Job Satisfaction

Catastrophe Modelers generally indicate high job satisfaction due to the stimulating nature of their work and the significant impact it has on society. The role includes problem-solving, and strategic thinking, and technical analysis skills.

CAT Modelers are vital to society and organizations alike providing insights that help prepare for and respond to catastrophic events.

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