Actuary Outlook

What Actuaries Do Actuaries use math, insights, and monetary hypothesis to analyze risk. Actuaries typically work for with insurance organizations. Most work in office settings. Actuaries normally need a four year degree to enter the occupation and work through a progression of tests to become certified. A foundation of business, statistics, and mathematics is essential. … Read more

What Are the Opportunities for Advancement for an Actuary?

Professional actuaries are important to businesses because of their ability to use mathematics, statistics and financial theory to assess the economic costs of risk and uncertainty. In doing so, they can create solutions to manage those exposures. Most actuaries work for insurance companies, but they are also increasingly employed in other specializations such as marketing, … Read more

A call to arms for a global pandemic

COVID-19 continues to have a devastating effect on millions of people. The approval of vaccines brought renewed hope for a return to normality in 2021, but with demand far outstripping supply, the gap between rich and poor countries has widened even further. In addition to the humanitarian case for investing in vaccination of emerging nations, … Read more