How Much Do Actuaries Make?

As we know professionals who become actuaries and grow in their careers are distinctive individuals. They love applying their talent with statistics, calculations and analysis to solve problems in ways that seek the best outcome. They also draw upon informed imagination to establish scenarios that help to minimize risk and expense. In these ways, actuaries … Read more

When Actuaries Switch Sectors

Actuaries are part of a steadily growing profession that thrives and changes further each year. The industry’s sectors and its professionals’ interests are always transforming. In the early years, actuaries typically started out in the life insurance sector, but they have since been expanding into areas such as health insurance, property/casualty, risk management and employer-based … Read more

Actuary Outlook

What Actuaries Do Actuaries use math, insights, and monetary hypothesis to analyze risk. Actuaries typically work for with insurance organizations. Most work in office settings. Actuaries normally need a four year degree to enter the occupation and work through a progression of tests to become certified. A foundation of business, statistics, and mathematics is essential. … Read more