The Conference of Consulting Actuaries

CCA’s membership includes authorities within the actuarial profession.  Members gain valuable networking opportunities sharing insights, knowledge, and innovative practices. 

Members benefits include:

  • Access to an online community of actuaries. 

  • Complimentary digital Wall Street Journal subscription. 

  • Earn up to 30 hours of continuing annually through CCA’s annual webinar series. 

  • CCA members receive outstanding rates for CCA-sponsored meetings and conferences. 

  • Community Learning videos 

  • Professional Liability Insurance Program for retirement, casualty, health and live actuaries endorsed by the Conference of Consulting Actuaries.

  •  Transcripts and materials  from both the CCA Annual Meeting and the CCA Enrolled Actuaries Conference. 

  • Actuarial consulting guidelines 

For more information visit the CCA or speak with one of our professionals.