Consulting Actuary

Consulting actuaries offer objective and independent advice to their clients. Consulting actuaries’ contract with different types of organizations like insurance companies, consulting firms, government agencies, corporations, and non-profit entities.

Some of the duties and tasks include:

They will evaluate the risk and uncertainty associated with different scenarios and outcomes.

A consulting actuary applies various models and methods to estimate present and future values of financial products and plans.

The Design, testing, and recommendation of solutions and strategies to meet the goals of the clients. Examples include pricing, funding, reserving, investing, and hedging.

Communicating and presenting the results and implications of the analysis and recommendations to the clients and other stakeholders, such as senior management, board of directors, regulators, auditors, etc.

A consulting actuary responsibility can include the preparing and reviewing of reports, proposals, and contracts that document assumptions, methods, data, and results of actuarial work.

A consulting actuary must have a strong background and interest in mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, and business typically with high level degree and professional certifications. If you are looking for a position as a consulting Actuary, the SC International team is interested in speaking with you.


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