Emerging Job Opportunities for an Actuary

What are the future growth areas and how do they impact you?

You might be wondering what the future holds for an actuary in the face of climate change. How will the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters affect you? What skills and knowledge does an actuary need to progress? What opportunities will arise in the emerging field of climate risk management? Lets navigate this topic and provide a glimpse of the career outlook for actuaries in the 21st century.

Climate risk management is an emerging actuarial field that focuses on assessing and managing the financial impacts of floods, droughts, heat waves, wildfires, hurricanes, and sea level rise. Actuaries try using data, models, and scenarios to communicate the risks and uncertainties associated with climate change, and to design and implement solutions that reduce or transfer those risks. The field is ripe for future career opportunities.

Climate risk management is not only relevant for insurance companies, but other organizations like banks, pension funds, governments, corporations, non-governmental organizations, and individuals. Need for actuaries will only increase over time. Actuaries can help banks assess the creditworthiness of borrowers, evaluate the sustainability of pension funds investments and liabilities. Climate Risk Management Actuaries will help governments plan for disaster relief, assist corporations manage their supply chain risk, and assist non profit advocacy organizations.

A successful actuary in this field will need to keep up with the latest developments in climate science, economics, policy, and technology. Actuaries will also need to acquire new skills and knowledge in areas like climate modeling, environmental data analysis, sustainability, carbon markets, and climate law.

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