Have you considered becoming an Actuary

Are you thinking about switching careers? Have you considered becoming an Actuary? Are you Self-motivated, Creative, Independent, Detail-oriented, and Curious. Some of the common careers that people had before becoming an actuary include:

  • Underwriter: A mortgage underwriter evaluates the risk and eligibility of applicants for insurance, loans, mortgages, or other financial products. Their work is based on actuarial principles.
  • Risk manager: A risk manager identifies, assesses, and mitigates the potential losses and uncertainties that may affect an organization’s operations, assets, or reputation.
  • Data analyst: A data analyst collects, cleans, and interprets large and complex datasets to provide insights and solutions for various business problems and objectives.
  • Professor: A professor who specialize in actuarial science or related fields, such as mathematics, statistics, economics, or finance has many characteristics of actuaries and skills sought by organizations.
  • Accountant: An accountant who records, analyzes, and reports financial transactions and information for organizations to ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulations sometimes make the career change to becoming an actuary.
  • Financial analyst: A credit analyst who recommend loan terms and conditions after reviewing complicated financials also can successfully transition to a fulfilling career as an actuary.
  • Market research analyst: Market research analysts who collect and analyze data from various sources, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and prepare reports and recommendations make great actuaries.

In addition, it is common for Actuarial analysts and Actuarial assistants who work with actuaries daily and have traits common to actuaries to eventually work their way to becoming an actuary.

If your current daily profession deals with retirement, pensions, life expectancy, insurance, or finance you might consider entering the field.

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