health actuary

What Does a Health Actuary Do?

A health actuary specializes in assessing and managing risks in the healthcare industry.  Typical duties include:

  • Designing Health Insurance Policies
  • Setting Premium Rates
  • Determining the necessary reserves an insurer needs.

These specialists review historical data to assist in the creation of models to predict future healthcare costs. More senior health actuaries are also involved in assessing how changes in government policies or legislation may affect costs.

Health actuaries analyze historical data to predict future trends in healthcare costs, such as the

Career Prospects

The career prospects for health actuaries are promising with 23% percent growth over the next decade per the Bureau Labor Statistics. The ever-evolving changes in the American healthcare market have created myriad of opportunities for skilled practitioners.

Job Satisfaction

Numerous self-report studies indicate Actuaries report a high level of satisfaction with their careers. They site good work life balance, relatively high salaries, and low stress levels. A career as a health actuary offers analytical challenges and opportunities to make contributions to the healthcare sector and society as a whole.

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