Meet Mark Nicklas

What inspired you to join the team here?

The camaraderie within a hard-working resourceful environment.  

What do you think sets you apart in your field?

I like to think I give more personal attention to my clients and I am willing to go the extra mile to serve them.  

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love spending time with my family.  

What’s something surprising that not many people know about you?

I am a music and movie buff.  

What do you think our biggest challenges and opportunities are?

Currently, recruiting top talent in a candidate’s market with candidates demanding higher salaries and flexibility and then finding companies willing to accommodate is challenging. With the continuing evolution of AI and technology, I believe we will implement the right strategies to find top talent faster and more efficiently and get us in the door with a more variety of client companies.  

What industry changes or trends do you think will have the biggest impact?

More reliance on AI technology and automation will continue to have a significant impact in Recruiting and many other industries. While these are very impactful, the human touch aspect of serving clients I believe is most-essential and impactful for maintaining long-term business relationships.  

How to Reach Mark: