Pension Analyst

Pension Analyst


Traditional pension plans are being offered by fewer employees but the need for Pension analyst continues to grow. The job market and demand for pension analyst is anticipated to grow 23% over the next 10 years with approximately 2,300 anticipated openings per year per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Even though pension plans (Defined Benefit Plans) are declining, demand for analysts is growing. Reasons include complexity, plan transition, and risk.

Complexity- Pension analysts are needed to analyze complex calculations related to benefit payouts, funds, and compliance.

Plan Transition-As companies transition from pension plans, Pension analysts are in high demand to ensure a smooth transition.

Risk-Pension analysts are tasked with managing funds properly to manage the investment risks and to ensure plan solvency.

Opportunities for Pension Analysts are wide and varied in the current market. You will find opportunities in Government, for profit, and non-profit sectors.  Consulting positions are also a possibility if you are interested in working with varied groups.

Pension Analysts are frequently Actuaries as the skills, background, and core competencies closely mirror each other.

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