Property and Casualty Actuary

A P&C actuary is a professional who applies statistical models to assess and manage risks in the property and casualty insurance industry. (1) They have passed numerous exams to bolster their credentials. P&C actuaries work in various areas, such as:

Rates & Pricing: P&C actuaries determine the appropriate premium rates for different types of insurance policies, such as auto, homeowners, medical malpractice, workers compensation, etc. They consider factors such as the expected frequency and severity of claims, the expenses of the insurer, the competition in the market, and the regulatory requirements. (2)

Reserving: P&C actuaries estimate funds that the insurer needs to set aside to pay for future claims. Historical data, actuarial models, and assumptions about future trends are utilized to project the future cash flows and liabilities of the insurer. SC International currently has opportunities (2) for professionals with these types of skills.

Forecasting & Predictive modeling: P&C actuaries examine and develop models for large and complex data sets, such as customer behavior, claims experience, risk factors, etc. The insights from the data are used to improve the underwriting, pricing, marketing, and claims management.

P&C actuaries have a broad range of responsibilities and experience. These professionals serve as critical advisors on risk management issues. Property/Casualty actuaries communicate findings and recommendations to clients, shareholders, government officials, and company executives. P&C actuaries are highly skilled and trained professionals who adhere to high ethical and professional standards (1).


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